Open Thoughts.

Ms.S and I stepped out for fifteen minutes to get groceries. Five minutes after we had left I got a call from home that Mr.I. was crying. Ms.S: mummy bhai keeps crying all the time. Me: I know right. The moment I leave, he starts crying. Ms.S: he wastes a lot of your time mummy, … Continue reading Open Thoughts.


Survival. Hooman 2.

Like the hands of a clock, that do not cease to tick, Tiny hooman 2, millimetre at a time, shifts. Little by little, inch by inch, he tread, before I knew, he fell of the bed. As he rotates a 360 round, My days of calm are numbered now. He is strong but calm, The … Continue reading Survival. Hooman 2.

Pee perils. Hooman2

2am Raja 🙄 beta: "ghee ghee ghee" "aaaaauh" "umh umh umh" Me: turns, *touches pamper to check* *its full* For once, i confidently did not switch on the dim light. Pamper removed, taped and kept aside. Took another pamper n it felt wet. I reluctantly feel my bedsheet, my pillow and reach for my phone, … Continue reading Pee perils. Hooman2

UNO Games.

Ms. S. and I play lots of UNO games. Once she started getting better, I'd let her win more often. Now that i have Mr. I. I, don't focus and let her play her way. Today she let me win. She had the right cards, she intentionally lost. I said, “ wah, its ok u … Continue reading UNO Games.

The boy style.

The speed at which oil drops jump at you when you put in a frozen nugget in sizzling oil is less than a milli second, so swift, its unavoidable. I still have issues frying stuff. But thats not my story. My story is about that speed I just mentioned. Two days ago at 4am, Mr. … Continue reading The boy style.