Teach or taught?

My mother in law has contracted an eye infection. When Ms.S had got an Eye infection I told her the reason was watching too much television. So when she asked what happened to grandma, I said, she watches too much television so her eyes are sick. She thought for a moment and then we had … Continue reading Teach or taught?

Mr I. The Forgotten soul.

Yesterday I was sitting with a bunch of ladies at the mosque. We were chatting about how kids are a nuisance. And I'm proud to say I did not disappoint. In fact, I raised my hand and self proclaimed my boy to be the worst. Anyway. Facts that made human two win this award are … Continue reading Mr I. The Forgotten soul.

Risky tasks.

You maybe be a tightrope walker. But I take bigger risks. 1. Opening a bag of chips in a room of snack sniffers 2. Opening a cold can of Fanta under nightmarishly sensitive ear drums of a 9m month old light sleeper. 3. Holding pee all night to avoid any other disturbance. 4. Eating leftover … Continue reading Risky tasks.


Me: We are going to keep it a secret ok. Like u got something special for mummy. Now we get something special for papa. Ok. Shhh. Ms.S.: Ok. So on my birthday you do something special ok. Me: Sure. Like? Ms.S: Don't tell me me it's my birthday! Me: Sure. 😊


This tiny vessel heats up high, Without any fire from the outside. I wonder what's wrong inside. Viral, viral is all I hear. it's become a monthly visitor, The little body has to fear. Medicines took lead, They touched your tongue, Before you had food tasting fun. Now there is less food. And more medicine, … Continue reading Sickness.