Ramadaan Gifts.

This year we made Ramadaan gifts for her friends. Her gang includes 5 girls and 1 boy. She was pretty excited and so was I. She helped me willingly. We made simple m&m cookies. Ms.S. mixed and poked the chocolates on top. She kept on questioning if the cookies were ready, peeking at the oven … Continue reading Ramadaan Gifts.


Payback time.

I have been so caught up in life, I've forgotten to document S. Ramadaan is here. This year is different. A clingy lovable soon to turn four years old is killing me with constant answers to anything I say or question.   She has adopted this new style of cry face where she quivers her … Continue reading Payback time.


Her cousin is here to spend the holidays. He landed and it has been Five hours. They are still playing. Siblings make the world a better place. I miss my younger brother. I wonder why we can't visit the past like we can visit carnivals every year. I guess because remaking memories won't be worth … Continue reading Company.

A scary story.

A sly smile, A little hand A FREGGIN IPHONE. A run towards the kitchen. A quick snatch The sound of the dustbin flap. Kidney bechde. Lekin dobara iphone ko haath mat lagana. 😑

Good morning.

Currently there is a role reversal in the house. 7:00 Alarm rings It’s pitch dark and cozy ok. Coz curtains and aircon and blanket. As the phone cries for my resurrection, This angel dawns on my face with the ‘sweetest’ breath and says: "it’s good morning timing mumma!" I rise, I have no other option. … Continue reading Good morning.