We will be travelling soon. I got upset with S over not having her glass of milk before school in the morning. As we walked towards the bus stop after a cranky morning, she sternly told me, “I will not take u on the aeroplane, i will tell the pilot to throw u outside after … Continue reading Threats.


Letter: Infinite Emotions

Things tend to get difficult. I try n look for happiness. But I fail. A personality that has a pessimistic trait plays catalyst in stressful situations. Its damning. It creates a vacuum. A space devoid of any happiness. Particles are all fading pleasantaries. A reminiscent debris of what was. The lone part I can hold … Continue reading Letter: Infinite Emotions


Maaaaam. Maaaam. Maaaam. Maaam. I roll my eyes, count 3,2,1 coz i dont have time to start from ten and patiently respond, "Yes doll?" I say. Maaam. Blah blah blah Maaam. Blah blah blah. N my hours go by. These things dont even spoil. 🙄

Payback time.

I have been so caught up in life, I've forgotten to document S. Ramadaan is here. This year is different. A clingy lovable soon to turn four years old is killing me with constant answers to anything I say or question.   She has adopted this new style of cry face where she quivers her … Continue reading Payback time.