Frozen and hurt. Human 2

4:40am: giggling sounds 4:45 : time to morph in cow mode 4:50: loud giggling continues. 4:55 giggled stands, spins on it's own axis 4:56: put finger on the lil and goes Shh Shh Shh loudly. 4:57: drops sleepy dead on my left arm. It's 5:46am. I still lay like a frozen bag of flesh. Writhing … Continue reading Frozen and hurt. Human 2

The Mysterious Green potty.

This is factual information. Not to be found on Google. Husband excreted green stools today morning. He preferred to upload a sarcastic status on Facebook and  Google 'green potty' online. Unfortunately there was nothing to satisfy his query. But dozens of responses on social media. The problem was, he was perfectly fine. No diarrhea, nausea, … Continue reading The Mysterious Green potty.