He stepped out of the bathroom, picked his pants and ran at full speed. I washed my hands and followed him so I could put his pants back on before he went in front of the mirror and started admiring his body parts. Anyway. I like to call out his name and ask him to … Continue reading HELP

Dear Maa.

I wonder how many nights you stayed awake? How many hours you spent, and clothes you changed? I wonder if anybody ever asked you to take rest? Or offered a hot meal or give a time out instead? I wonder if you even blinked an eye  through the hours we kept you up at night? … Continue reading Dear Maa.


Ms.S. : Mummy. Can I have a stick, like a long stick?Me: Ok, for?Ms.S. : Mummy please, can you just make me a stick. I need a long stick.Me: Ok. (gathers 2 wooden skewers, tapes them, makes a long stick.) Here. Now, what do you need his for?Ms.S. : You keep throwing away my stuff, … Continue reading Conversations

CB stories.

Papa: B'coz of the virus no body can go to anybody's house. Ms.S.: So robbers cant go to anybody's house to rob? Papa: No. M.s.S.: So the bandages wont come to our house? Papa: Huh? Oh bandits! 😂

Uncanny Victories

Currently there are lots of victories we celebrate. Let me tell you one tale elaborately. Potty training: Mr. I. is currently enjoying running to the toilet everytime I feel he needs to pee, or he stands with his feet wide and starts to wail.We run.WE RUN. Yesterday was poop turn, still uncomfortable with poop free … Continue reading Uncanny Victories